Dateline: Houston

Hacking Houston–The Job

“Budgets were tight for many of my passengers, with no room to spare; I’d see them in the rearview mirror, clutching their coin purse or their wallet, eyes alternating anxiously between the meter and the road.”

Hacking Houston–The Passengers (I)

“Suddenly, nervous and agitated, he indicated we should be in the far right lane, exiting the freeway now, at Main Street. There was no way I could get over there, so I kept going straight. He wailed in despair.”

Hacking Houston–The Passengers (II)

On the sidewalk I saw someone waving, a little unsteadily. Not a good sign. She approached my car and tapped on the glass. I opened my window to a slight black woman, young but weathered, and mildly drunk. “You free, mister?”